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Published on March 16, 2018

ISA Day 2018 in Nigeria

On March 6, we were pleased to be a part of CHI Farms Ltd. "ISA Day 2018" in Ibadan, Nigeria.  CHI Farms is an ISA Brown distributor who assembled about 300 attendees to discuss genetics and layer management.

Sharing our knowledge with the industry is a main focus within the region of Africa, and ISA Day 2018 was the perfect opportunity.

After a very difficult period in the poultry industry in Nigeria, it was good to see a group of people with such optimism for the future. Area Manager Peter Arts and veterinarian Paul Grignon Dumoulin addressed several topics about Hendrix Genetics, ISA Brown, the nutritional value of eggs and layer management. In addition, Mr. Jo Depandelaere from Nuscience (Belgium), the premix supplier of CHI Farms, informed the participants about feeding layers. CHI Farms has been working with Hendrix Genetics Parent Stock since 1998 and has kept ISA Brown Grand Parent Stock for 12.5 years, which was mentioned during the presentations. For everyone involved with the conference, it was a great way to broaden knowledge of the field while building some new relationships. 

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