Our Heritage

Founded on excellence, innovation and research

In 1975, the Ministry of Agriculture in France was determined to develop a poultry sector that could compete internationally. Led by Alain Audubert, an independent appraisal of the poultry breeding sector in France concluded that future international success should be based on excellence, innovation and research.

Audubert’s philosophy became the guiding scientific principle behind the Institut de Selection Animale (ISA), which was formed by the merger of the poultry stock of two organizations, Studler S.A. and I.N.R.A. Magneraud (INRA-M).

By the mid 1980s, ISA had become a global brand and worldwide leader. The breed has maintained this status by continuing to pursue the impeccable expression of genetic potential.

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Alain Audubert
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Thijs Hendrix and Madame Studler