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Published on July 27, 2018

European technical distributors meeting held in the Netherlands

Sharing knowledge and connecting individuals in the value chain is one of our aims as an industry leader. A recent technical distributor meeting held in Uden, The Netherlands was one example putting this concept into practice.

The theme of this year's meeting was “how to manage layers in cage free systems with longer production cycles?” Over 60 attendants, from more than 15 European countries, gathered together. The program offered a variety of events ranging from from technical discussions to social events designed to facilitate group bonding. This enabled us to teach the group about technical topics and to further build on the strong networks and good relationships that we have with our distributors. Topics included success in the early rearing phase all the way through to the 100 week laying cycle, cage-free diets, proper LED-lighting, and maintaining your housing system. Round table discussion, viewing technical videos, speed dating sessions, and games were all used to get all the participants actively involved and learning.

The social program encouraged participants to enjoy the fresh air and countryside by bike, where even some of the participants had the chance to come face to face with the endangered European Bison. View below for a gallery of the highlights.

Overall, we are looking back to a very successful event and would like to thank the participants who contributed to make the meeting such a big success!

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